One to one sessions for kids aged 5 to 11

A complete approach to help children to take an active role in working through their issues and finding positive empowerment helping them to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Why Ollie sessions are so successful

Young children love Ollie and easily identify with him and his problems. Because of this they easily engage with therapy. The Ollie approach is so engaging and fun children find it easy to identify their emotions and learn how to regulate them.

Emotions are so powerful, more powerful than most people recognise. Regular displays of negative behaviour and/or chronic health issues are often the result when emotions are not recognised, named and reframed.

The Ollie coaching model makes it easy for children to identify their emotions in a way they understand and, with Ollie’s help, they can regulate their emotions; they can even use their new skills to shrink negative emotions and bring in new positive emotions in their place.

What happens in sessions?

Before the first session we conduct a 45 minute consultation with parent(s)/caregivers.

Sometimes I ask parents to bring the child along to meet me before we start sessions.

Each session is about 45 minutes long.

The sessions are private, confidential and one to one.

Parents or caregivers are not usually involved in the sessions.

The sessions are fun and safe.

Each child gets an Ollie book before the first session.

Measurements are taken and outcomes recorded. Parents and caregivers are given final outcome records.

Ollie & His Superpowers helps children to manage their emotions.

If your child feels a little sad or afraid or just not happy, Ollie will teach him/her the you can make that feeling smaller or replace it with another feeling like safe, happy or calm. And the best bit is you can make your super powers bigger and the bigger they get, the bigger the feeling!

I offer packaged Ollie Sessions

Take a look

First session and Ollie Book

Single Ollie Therapy sessions

Ollie book and 4 Sessions

Ollie toy, 4 sessions and book

Ollie begins his amazing journey learning about his super powers and the magic library. The first story is about how Ollie discovers his superpowers and uses them to help him overcome the bullies at his school.

This book is a powerful tool and begins your child’s journey to the wonderful changes in their beliefs about his/herself.

For easy payment terms individual sessions can be booked and paid for weekly.

The simplest way to book sessions. You get the Ollie and His Superpowers book which is a prerequisite to the first session plus 4 sessions. Quite often 4 sessions is all it takes to make the differences for your child to overcome their problem. If further sessions are required they can be additionally purchased.

This pack includes a free 45 minute consultation, four sessions, Ollie book and toy.

The cuddly toy makes the perfect companion for your child or as a gift for a small loved one. It serves as a constant reminder that they really can choose how they want to feel just by using their superpowers.

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