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If you work with children and young people my 2 hour workshop is for you. Lots of insight into how our mind works all through our developing years and how you can actively and successfully engage with children and young people.

The Ollie and his Superpowers approach is new concept developed from proven therapeutic models. This new approach is so successful because Ollie is appealing to young children (5-11).

Ollies and his Superpowers has been piloted in schools in Oxfordshire and London, in various police forces in the UK and in some hospitals including Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital with huge success.

Ollie and Superpowers is supported by the NSPCC, NHS England and the Police Force.


One to one therapy and coaching for Kids

The Ollie approach is quick; positive results can be achieved in as little four sessions on average, although in some cases more sessions may be required.

Children love Ollie and easily identify with him and his problems. The Ollie approach is so engaging and fun children find it easy to identify their emotions and learn how to regulate them. The books and dolls are part of a therapeutic strategy to help children be rid of negative emotions very quickly. Brilliant for coping with bullies, anxiety and stress.

In initial trials in London and Oxford schools we gave 3 sessions each to 6 children. The outcomes were 66.6% of children showed 50% improvement in behaviour & coping skills and 33.3% of children demonstrated 100% improvement in behaviour & coping skills. The trials were conducted over a 4 week period.

Flexible support for kids and schools

I work with you to design bespoke packages to suit your unique requirements including working with you to create outcome measures specific to each child. I also provide ongoing training and support to staff in using the Ollie concept for communication and rapport building to help you get the very best from the children that you are working with.

If you would like more information on the Ollie concept or training for your organisations, or if you would like to arrange a consultation for your child please contact me.

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Flexible support for kids, teachers, professionals and parents

  • one to one short term therapy for children
  • workshops for teachers and other professionals
  • talks and presentations
  • ongoing support for schools
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Ollie was created to disassociate an issue from a child, to enable the use of child-friendly language about how our mind works and why we feel what we feel, so that we can engage children in change work in a very empowering way. Ollie allows children to take an active role in working through their issues and finding positive empowerment helping them to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

At the heart of the Ollie concept is a passion and commitment to building the resilience and wellbeing of children. Ollie coaches are dedicated to a strength based approach with a desire to make a real impact on the lives of your children.

How Ollie helps Kids

Ollie and Superpowers have helped children all over the UK to identify, understand  and regulate their emotions.

This approach is very successful in counteracting bullying. Children who have been subjected to be bullied have found ways to be resilient. Bullies have found ways to express their emotions in more positive ways.

Ollie and his Superpowers have also helped children improve confidence, reduce anxiety, be rid of stress related issues such as  IBS, tics, bed wetting and nail biting too.

Teacher Testimonial


I have been asked to provide a reference regarding the excellent work we have received from the coaches and founders of Ollie and his Superpowers. This is not a hard task as the work experienced in our school was extremely well received and effective.
The Ollie Concept has been extremely beneficial to a range of pupils within our school. Through assemblies and 1-1 work the coach who worked with our school has made a lasting positive impact on pupil wellbeing. In addition this work is excellent value for money because the way the coaches work with children appears to create immediate changes to their viewpoint and understanding. In less than 3 sessions our pupils made more progress and Ollie had more impact than other interventions or therapists who had previously worked with pupils for a full term.
I would highly recommend using Ollie as part of the ongoing PSHE work in schools, as well as working with Ollie coaches to plan and deliver targeted support for specific pupils with challenging behaviour, emotional or anxiety related disorders and those with high levels of anger and frustration.
Yours faithfully
Mrs Nicki Proietti
Deputy Head/ Inclusion Manager

Teacher Testimonial

An wonderful review from Joanna Grimmer – BSc (Hons), PGCE, ACL Tutor for GAP Learning and Teacher at St. Helen’s Primary School, Bluntisham, Cambs.

Alison Knowles, a trained cognitive therapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner from Cambridgeshire, loves working with children (especially children with additional needs). Through her experiences and encounters she has created a character puppet, OLLIE, and an accompanying series of books; the first of which tell the story of how he discovered his ‘superpowers’.

Using OLLIE, she is able to connect with children and help them identify and verbalise their feelings leading to a greater understanding of their own behaviour and the impact is has on the people around them: teachers, relatives, friends etc. Her books, written with primary children in mind, provide an additional strategy with which to engage them in non-threatening discussions around the subject of emotions and complex issues such as bullying and anxiety.

During the summer term, we were lucky enough to have Alison visit our primary school and she gave a fantastic assembly which enraptured all: from Reception, to Year 6 children and the staff attending. Immediately putting the children at ease, she told a story about Ollie, a seven year old boy, and how he was being bullied. She allowed the children to share some experiences and thoughts about bullying. They said that being called names was really hurtful. Alison based the rest of the assembly around teaching them simple, memorable strategies to deal with these upsetting incidents.

I won’t spoil the surprise but it involved some cruel words, lots of laughter and children and teachers in entertaining role play. Everyone was engaged and, although there was a visible buzz of positive energy to the assembly, Alison was able to keep an atmosphere of self-reflection and learning throughout. We all left that assembly feeling empowered – we all have ‘Superpowers’ – and wanting to share our discoveries with others. In fact, over the next week we witnessed many children discussing and using the strategies, unprompted, in class and on the playground.

As a staff body, we are extremely interested in how Alison proposes to support children who are struggling by providing trained ‘OLLIE Coaches’ who get to know and work with schools in their local area. She is keenly aware of budgeting limitations and realises that often flexible, short-term input is needed to support an individual or small groups of children when needs arise, rather than a clunky, fixed day, year-long contract. She also realises it is crucial that all the staff ‘get’ OLLIE and his language of superpowers so that they can support and model the strategies inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, the OLLIE Coach comes into school to train them too. However, the icing on the cake is the fact that Alison understands that whole families will benefit from the ‘OLLIE Concept’ and so coaches organise ‘Learn how to speak ‘OLLIE’ evenings’ in the school’s locality to bring parents and relatives on board

Just as any other skill, emotional intelligence is something that can be taught, learnt and developed in everyone but with the recent increased focus on academic testing, teachers often find that there is limited time in the school day to teach it explicitly (or to be able to give more time to children who are perhaps lacking emotional maturity). Obviously many parents are constantly nuturing their children’s emotional intelligence but as they mature, our children often seek alternative ‘experts’ for reassurance, which is where schools must step in.

With an awareness that the availability of technology and access to social media is having an effect on the development of our children, and statistics showing an increase in mental health issues in children and adolescents, it is vital that we actively address the issue and don’t ‘hope that it sorts itself out’.

As a teacher and a parent, I can see the huge benefits in using the ‘OLLIE’ concept in primary schools. A child that has been shown how to understand and improve their emotional intelligence is a child that is happier, more confident, has higher self-esteem and resilience and ultimately, is better able to learn and achieve.

I would encourage you to look at Alison’s, attend an ‘OLLIE’ parent’s meeting or ask your school about the ‘OLLIE Concept’ as I know that this is a positive, rewarding step for everyone involved.
Good Luck!

Joanna Grimmer – BSc (Hons), PGCE, ACL Tutor for GAP Learning and Teacher at St. Helen’s Primary School, Bluntisham, Cambs.

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