new life compassWhy will power simply doesn’t cut it!!

So January is almost at an end…. did you manage to keep to your New Year Resolution? Have you finally quit smoking? Stopped drinking? Lost weight? Stopped spending ? Quit drugs or Gambling?
Would it surprise you to learn that every  year over 73% of people do not stick to their NY resolution?  Despite truly wanting to change habits many people falter after just a few weeks into their new regime.
This is because ‘will power’ is a mostly conscious operation and it is our subconscious mind which drives our behaviours.  Our addiction or habit has evolved to meet an emotional need, to provide comfort, pleasure and away from pain or a distraction from uncomfortable feelings. The drive or urge to do your habit will be unconsciously driven, and very strongly too, so ‘will power’ will lose every time.
Discovering your subconscious beliefs and working to change them is the key to finally being able to choose how you want to feel and behave. This is easier to do than most people think.
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